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Bonus: Essential Oils for Heart Health
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You Won't Hear About These Cardiovascular
Health Solutions Anywhere Else!

The "Big Picture"


David Minkoff, MD

We all know that chronic inflammation threatens the cardiovascular system … but, Dr. Minkoff uncovers the most important tests needed to reveal the true dangers
Millions of people are walking around with contaminated blood that can damage the heart muscle … don’t miss Dr. Minkoff’s urgent warning about the worst offender
Most diabetics are not being told the truth about their heart disease risk.  Find out what your test results really mean and … more importantly, how to avoid problems


David Jockers, DNM, DC

Blood vessels get damaged – “silently” - years before a fatal heart attack … find out which lab tests reveal the most destructive forces linked to cardiovascular disease
Insulin resistance and systemic infections can cause unwanted stress on the liver and heart muscle … discover why this one critical test is a must for stressed-out individuals
Looking for healthier blood circulation – that is NOT sluggish?  Do not miss this lifesaving update about the best test to detect problems within the bloodstream


Dr. Robert DeMaria

Discover a disturbing reason why irregular heartbeat issues are on the rise … and a simple way to avoid serious health consequences
Dr. DeMaria outlines several reasons why blood pressure can increase to dangerous levels … placing some of the most significant stress on your heart muscle
Listen to a special message for women over 50 concerned about heart health … including the number one food to eat on a regular basis


Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD

Discover the most significant reason why artery health is linked to your gum health … and why you’ll never hear this from conventional cardiology
Uncovering the best at-home remedies to minimize the risk of bacterial infections … while at the same time reversing the negative effects of gum disease
Don’t miss the single most important technique available to REVERSE gum disease … this one method can help millions of people and it’s easier than you think

Clogged Artery Solutions


Dr. Robert DeMaria

Find out which underappreciated vitamin is crucial for better heart performance … and why a deficiency is directly connected to chronic fatigue
Are you worried about your heartbeats?  Find out how a simple, underused sound test reveals vital information for every heart disease patient
No one wants “sticky” blood … right?  Well, Dr. DeMaria offers a great explanation as to how proper nutrition can improve your circulation


Dr. Peter Osborne

Would you like to avoid the increased risk of a heart attack or stroke?  Find out how commonly prescribed medications can INCREASE the risk of heart failure
Are you taking statins to lower your cholesterol?  Well, you will be SHOCKED to discover what Dr. Osborne reveals about its “true efficiency”
Most doctors fail to inform their patients about the “ticking time bomb” inside the body due to the drugs taken on a daily basis … don’t miss this URGENT warning


David Minkoff, MD

Find out what most people NEVER hear about the true cause of plaque development … and a lesser-known test used to detect excess build up, before it’s too late
Are you taking a statin drug to protect your heart?  Find out why “managing your cholesterol” could be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make
Find out which hormone is a MUST for healthy heart function … and why conventional drug “therapies” can put you at risk for a deadly deficiency


Cynthia Foster, MD

Do you think cholesterol is the reason why plaque develops?  Dr. Foster reveals the surprising truth about blood clots and how to dissolve them quickly
Removing excess plaque in the arteries can be a lifesaver … discover Dr. Foster’s comprehensive protocol for clearing away blockages inside your gut, liver and bloodstream
Don’t miss Dr. Foster’s urgent message for every person with high cholesterol levels … and the best non-toxic remedies to achieve positive results

Blood Pressure Truths


Dr. Peter Osborne

Conventional drug “therapies” are NOT the only solution to blood pressure issues … find out how nutritional deficiencies can trigger hypertension
Most cardiologists are unable to talk to their patients about the importance of “balanced” nutrition.  Discover fascinating truths about calcium, vitamin K and D
Are you taking a diuretic medication to “manage” your high blood pressure?  Don’t miss Dr. Osborne’s URGENT heart failure warning


Cynthia Foster, MD

Have you been told you need to take blood pressure medication?  Discover the “hidden reasons” for hypertension and how to naturally improve your blood circulation
There is an overlooked danger to using drugs for hypertension … which is why it’s so important for you to discover the best herbs to lower blood pressure naturally
There is a safe, “emergency treatment” for heart attack or stroke victims … find out what could very well save your life


Daniel Cobb, DOM

Western medicine wants you to believe the “fat-cholesterol-plaque development” theory of heart disease … yet, Dr. Cobb will illustrate a fatal flaw to this idea
Most people have been taught to fear plaque deposits … but, you won’t believe why it’s actually BETTER than the alternative plus an urgent message for heart patients
And, finally, are you taking a “baby” aspirin for heart health?  If so, do not miss the SHOCKING truth about why science proves that taking aspirin is a big mistake


Daniel Cobb, DOM

Plaque always gets created within damaged arteries … but, with the right nutritional protocol you’ll discover how to dissolve plaque deposits naturally in a safe manner
Sadly, conventional heart “therapies” INCREASE the risk of congestive heart failure … find out how to effectively restore your heart energy by improving your circulation
To fix damaged arteries and heal the heart … you need MORE energy.  Discover Dr. Cobb’s 13-part nutritional protocol to reverse damaged blood vessels and heart tissue

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Irregular Heartbeat Remedies


Edward F. Group, DC, NP

In reality, all healing inside the body comes down to the quality of your vibrational energy … don’t miss this lifesaving “heart/brain message” about the future of medicine
Emotions have a direct impact on heart health … discover the most helpful and destructive emotions … but, be prepared for a surprising discovery
There is a hidden power inside of all of us … don’t miss this mind-blowing presentation about how to tap into your very own “healing vibration,” at no cost to you


Cynthia Foster, MD

Discover the 2 BEST “classic” herbs to calm down and regulate skipped heartbeats … while strengthening the heart muscle at the same time
Dr. Foster shares an incredible story about her own father’s experiences with the worst irregular heartbeat she has ever witnessed … plus, some lifesaving techniques to eliminate the problem
AFib patients will NOT want to miss this amazingly simple way to get rid of poor heart function … why it’s completely different than the Western medicine approach


Rashid A. Buttar, DO

This is a HUGE warning for all heart disease patients struggling to fully recover … get ready to hear the most important and underappreciated aspects of healing
In many cases, believe it or not, your heart problem can be deeply rooted inside a “hidden” emotional issue … discover an outstanding way to uncover the unknown
And, finally, do not miss a heartwarming story about how emotional healing can literally save your life … it’s truly inspirational


Eric L. Zielinski, DC

Millions of people take aspirin and statins to “prevent” a heart attack or stroke.  But, in reality, studies reveal a very different truth hidden from the general public
Okay, you’re excited to use essential oils to improve your health … but, Dr. Zielinski has a warning for every heart disease patient before you start using them
Panic attacks and anxiety contaminate the blood with heart-damaging chemicals … discover how specific essential oil blends can positively affect your circulation within just 20 minutes

Detoxifying the Heart


Edward F. Group, DC, NP

Your energy levels are linked to how effectively you can detoxify the body.  Dr. Group exposes the worst habit that slows down your ability to eliminate toxins
If you are feeling toxic and low in energy … start improving your health by understanding Dr. Group’s 4-step program for properly removing toxins
Most people with heart disease fail to understand where to begin.  Don’t miss this simple explanation about the greatest toxic threat in your home and how to fix it 


Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD

Millions of people remain uneducated about the true dangers associated with root canal treated teeth … especially if you’re prone to cavities
Shocking news about the problem with conventional root canal “therapy” … and why most people never get this information
Discover a step-by-step process to evaluate whether you can save a tooth or not … and, most importantly, all the options available to protect your health


Thomas Lewis, PhD

You will NEVER guess what the “hidden cause” of heart disease really is … and how conventional cardiology refuses to recognize this deadly burden
This presentation gets interesting when you discover the single most unwanted organism that cripples cellular health, attacks living tissue and negatively impacts the heart
Contaminated blood is one of the greatest threats to the cardiovascular system … Dr. Lewis outlines why this problem can cause nutrient deficiencies and heart damage


Lowell Gerber, MD, MS

Meet a cardiologist that completely changed his medical practice due to his own serious heart health issues … and how a heart attack patient literally saved his life
Most people never hear how systemic infections like, Lyme disease can threaten heart function … find out how unwanted “stealth” pathogens are more dangerous than high cholesterol
There is a BIG difference between “bad genes” and a “genetic tendency” for disease … discover the most advanced testing protocols to uncover your risk of heart failure

Heart Damage Warnings


Thomas Lewis, PhD

After watching this presentation, you will forever look at heart disease in an entirely different – more holistic – way, especially as it relates to the importance of your eye health
Find out exactly why cataract, macular degeneration and glaucoma reveal an increased risk of heart disease … years before you experience a heart attack or stroke
Unfortunately, most conventionally trained eye doctors do not properly evaluate the eyes to measure heart disease risk … find out where to go and the best tests to get


Nicholas A. DiMartino, DO

Dr. DiMartino reveals a “regulatory organ” that provides early warnings about your risk of having a heart attack … including 5 symptoms to never ignore
If you’re living a stressful lifestyle … you won’t want to miss Dr. DiMartino’s urgent warning about what could be the primary reason for your heart disease risk
Find out what destroys your cardiovascular system … years before a heart attack or stroke.  And, the 5 most critical tests that reveal serious heart-related issues


David Minkoff, MD

In order to correct heart problems, find out how to properly measure all the toxins that increase your inflammatory markers … including one of the most toxic substances in your bloodstream
Practically speaking, supplementation is usually a MUST for heart disease patients.  Find out which tests to use to uncover deficiencies and the best supplements to take
STOP what you’re doing … if you are short of breath, have chest pain or are considering a stent procedure and listen carefully to Dr. Minkoff and his “alternative” approach that will blow your mind


Jay Davidson, DC, PSc.D.

Find out why the conventional view of “liver detoxification” is all wrong … and, more importantly, how a dysfunctional liver threatens heart health
Heart palpitations can cause life-threatening health consequences … thankfully, in this presentation, you’ll discover a surprising solution from ancient medicine
Most people are told that high cholesterol levels “cause” heart disease … but, in truth, you’ll soon see why it’s merely a warning to far more dangerous health issues

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Avoiding Heart Failure


Edward F. Group, DC, NP

Western medicine would NEVER suggest that your gut can impact the heart … but, Dr. Group provides an amazing overview about how digestion really influences heart function
“Modern” medicine fails to recognize how easy it is to fix heart problems … find out how to naturally improve blood circulation and heart function, including Dr. Group’s #1 tip
Bad gut bacteria can eventually lead to contaminated blood … discover the “SIBO-Gut Connection” and how to avoid this threat to your heart


Dr. Peter Osborne

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are far more than just digestive problems … find out how “gluten-induced” gut changes INCREASE the risk of heart damage
There are clear indications that gluten is causing serious damage to your cardiovascular system … discover which medical tests reveal the problem before it’s too late
Too many people remain confused about which foods are “gluten free” or not … learn about the 6 most destructive foods that slow down the reversal of heart disease


Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD

Uncovering the most dangerous bacteria that threaten your heart … and how to safely get rid of them
Find out how to get the best dental check-up … and why this can literally save your life
Don’t miss Dr. Cole’s final warning about picking the “right” dentist … especially if you are dealing with an underlying health problem


Todd Watts, DC, PScD

Dr. Watts exposes several astonishing truths about how cellular energy is directly linked to heart function … and why infections must be eliminated
Most people would agree that hypertension is dangerous … but, Dr. Watts reveals a vital message for all those suffering with LOW blood pressure
Are you eating really well and still struggling with health issues?  Then, do NOT miss this lifesaving message from Dr. Watts about what to focus on next

Unpopular Cholesterol Facts


Dr. Robert DeMaria

Are you taking a statin drug to lower your cholesterol?  Dr. DeMaria wants to seriously talk to you … and this happens to be one of the most important messages of this docu-class
Understand how to naturally improve your cholesterol profile for optimal health … and throw away those myths about “good” and “bad” cholesterol
To avoid serious nervous system, brain and heart problems … find out why Dr. DeMaria considers this one functional test to be the most important


Thomas Lewis, PhD

What if everything you’ve been taught about cholesterol is completely wrong?  In fact, you will be shocked to discover what Harvard Medical School says about this substance
Don’t miss a dramatic story about a man under the care of “statin therapy” … and how the use of these drugs nearly ended his life
The effectiveness of statin drugs has been overexaggerated for years.  Find out how big pharma uses statistics and marketing to fool the public


David Jockers, DNM, DC

What do blood sugar levels and insulin have to do with a damaged heart?  Dr. Jockers will amaze you with the answer that no one is talking about
The first step toward avoiding heart damage is to understand the threats … find out what conventional cardiology fails to understand about protecting your heart
Too many people are walking around with “inefficient” heart function … Dr. Jockers reveals a special way to greatly improve the strength of your heart muscle


Rashid A. Buttar, DO

Millions of people get diagnosed with heart disease and remain uneducated about WHY it’s happening to begin with … find out what Western medicine never reveals to the public
Most people have the wrong idea about genetic risk for disease … discover why the genome project was an “act of futility” and what you need to know about genetic tendencies
Discover one of the most EFFECTIVE ways to improve your blood circulation … Dr. Buttar will blow you away with how easy it is and inexpensive, too

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17 "Unaired" Presentations From the
Cardiovascular Docu-Class

When I was filming the Cardiovascular Docu-Class I captured SO MUCH GREAT INFO...
but I just couldn't all fit into the 8 day free screening. 

So when you purchase the Cardiovascular Docu-Class I'm going
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Just like the 32 presentations from the 8 episodes, these 17 unaired presentations are from
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but you get to see them from the comfort of your home — or anywhere you have internet access

I'm so privileged to rub shoulders with these giants from the health and wellness industry
and to be able to share the time we spent together with you...

Stephen T. Sinatra, MD

1. Avoiding Heart Failure
2. Powerful Heart Therapy
3. Miracle Heart Supplements

Thomas Levy, MD, JD

4. Why Arteries Get Stiff
5. Undiagnosed Heart Threat
6. Reversing Poor Artery Health

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

7. The Heart Danger in Your Kitchen
8. 4 Crucial Nutrients for Heart Health
9. Heartbreak ALERT

Joel Kahn, MD

10. Avoiding Heart Disease & Intimacy Issues
11. Early Detection of Heart Disease
12. How Do We Reverse Heart Disease

Nicholas DiMartino, DO

13. Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Heart Problems
14. Ideal Chronic Stress Strategies

Dr. Mona Morstein

15. Natural Treatments for Atrial Fibrillation

Joel Fuhrman, MD

16. Dietary “Therapy” for Optimal Heart Health

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

17. An Overlooked Heart Disease Trigger

Audio Files + Transcripts

of All 49 Presentations

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These easy-to-read transcripts provide you with all of the information from each Cardiovascular
Docu-Class module.

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Rescue Your Heart Action Guide

by Cynthia Foster, MD

This incredible action guide reveals all the ways you can positively influence your heart — without drugs or surgery...

Herbs to control heart rate
How sleep affects the heart
Healing the heart with hydrotherapy
Exercises to open the chest
Hidden causes of heart problems
How to slow down your heartbeat and stop palpitations naturally
Natural healing for coronary artery disease and heart valve defects
Controlling cholesterol and healing the liver
How to stop a panic attack naturally
First aid for a heart attack and angina

You'll also discover the clear link between emotions and heart function — including how to clear the pains of the past that are stopping you from experiencing optimum heart health.

21 Heart Rescue Recipes

by Cynthia Foster, MD

This heart-healthy recipe guide reveals the fruits, vegetables, and herbs with the most cardio-protective vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients — and then combines them into super delicious meals! Inside its pages you'll discover...

4 herbs and spices that help to protect, nourish and repair the heart
5 veggies for regulating blood pressure and reducing inflammation
2 fruits to build healthy blood vessels and lower the risk of a heart attack 
11 heart-destroying foods and beverages
6 rules for creating a heart-healthy kitchen
21 delicious recipes for juices and smoothies, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert … all using fresh ingredients from Mother Nature!

Special Report: Statins Exposed

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans over 40 currently use statin drugs? This special report reveals several recent studies that statin-makers don't want you to see — because they shine a light on all the disturbing health hazards associated with this very popular class of drugs. If you (or anyone you love) is taking statin drugs then you absolutely must read this report!

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Essential Oils for Heart Health

by Eric L. Zielinski, DC

Dr. Zielinksi is one of the world's top experts on the healing power of essential oils. We are so grateful that he's allowed us to include this impressive, 128-page guide as part of our bonus package. Here's what you'll find inside...

The "essential 8" foods for maximizing heart health
The 7 essential oils for heart health that every home should have
Recipes for delectable entrees, sides, snacks, drinks and desserts that all use heart-healthy essential oils
Plus much more!

Suppressed Heart Recovery Program

by Daniel Cobb, DOM

This ebook reveals the very best ways to eliminate the threat of stiff arteries — using commonly available nutritional supplements — that cost less than $90 per month! This therapy was championed in 1986 and in the decades since, has effectively helped tens of thousands of people. The only “side-effect” of these remedies is better health!

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32 Presentations from the Cardiovascular Docu-Class
17 "Unaired" Bonus Presentations
All 49 Audio Recordings
All 49 Easy-to-Read Transcripts
Bonus: Rescue Your Heart Action Guide
Bonus: 21 Heart Rescue Recipes
Bonus: Special Report: Statins Exposed
Bonus: Essential Oils for Heart Health
Bonus: Suppressed Heart Recovery Program

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