Clogged Artery Solutions

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There's more where this came from!

Episode 2 - Video 2


It's never been easier to protect yourself (and your loved ones) from the "hidden" causes of high blood pressure,
heart attack, and stroke.

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The "Big Picture"

Episode 2

Clogged Artery Solutions

Episode 3

Blood Pressure Truths

Episode 4

Irregular Heartbeat Remedies

Episode 5

Detoxifying the Heart

Episode 6

Heart Damage Warnings

Episode 7

Avoiding Heart Failure

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Unpopular Cholesterol Facts

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Lung Health

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17 "Unaired" Bonus Interviews From the
Cardiovascular Docu-Class

When I was filming the Cardiovascular Docu-Class I captured SO MUCH GREAT INFO...
but I just couldn't all fit into the 8 day free screening. 

So when you purchase the Cardiovascular Docu-Class I'm going
to include 17 unaired presentations that you've never seen before!

Just like the 32 presentations from the 8 episodes, these 17 unaired presentations are from
some of the smartest health practitioners in the entire world. They keynote at conferences worldwide —
but you get to see them from the comfort of your home — or anywhere you have internet access

I'm so privileged to rub shoulders with these giants from the health and wellness industry
and to be able to share the time we spent together with you...

Stephen T. Sinatra, MD

1. Avoiding Heart Failure
2. Powerful Heart Therapy
3. Miracle Heart Supplements

Thomas Levy, MD, JD

4. Why Arteries Get Stiff
5. Undiagnosed Heart Threat
6. Reversing Poor Artery Health

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

7. The Heart Danger in Your Kitchen
8. 4 Crucial Nutrients for Heart Health
9. Heartbreak ALERT

Joel Kahn, MD

10. Avoiding Heart Disease & Intimacy Issues
11. Early Detection of Heart Disease
12. How Do We Reverse Heart Disease

Nicholas DiMartino, DO

13. Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Heart Problems
14. Ideal Chronic Stress Strategies

Dr. Mona Morstein

15. Natural Treatments for Atrial Fibrillation

Joel Fuhrman, MD

16. Dietary “Therapy” for Optimal Heart Health

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

17. An Overlooked Heart Disease Trigger

Audio Files + Transcripts

of All 49 Presentations

If you're short on time...

Or just want to scan through for critical information...

These easy-to-read transcripts provide you with all of the information from each Cardiovascular
Docu-Class module.

Not only that, but we also include audio files so you can listen to all this great info while you exercise, clean, or drive.

Best of all, you can easily access these audio files and transcripts from any device - desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet... 

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Rescue Your Heart Action Guide

by Cynthia Foster, MD

This incredible action guide reveals all the ways you can positively influence your heart — without drugs or surgery...

Herbs to control heart rate
How sleep affects the heart
Healing the heart with hydrotherapy
Exercises to open the chest
Hidden causes of heart problems
How to slow down your heartbeat and stop palpitations naturally
Natural healing for coronary artery disease and heart valve defects
Controlling cholesterol and healing the liver
How to stop a panic attack naturally
First aid for a heart attack and angina

You'll also discover the clear link between emotions and heart function — including how to clear the pains of the past that are stopping you from experiencing optimum heart health.

21 Heart Rescue Recipes

by Cynthia Foster, MD

This heart-healthy recipe guide reveals the fruits, vegetables, and herbs with the most cardio-protective vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients — and then combines them into super delicious meals! Inside its pages you'll discover...

4 herbs and spices that help to protect, nourish and repair the heart
5 veggies for regulating blood pressure and reducing inflammation
2 fruits to build healthy blood vessels and lower the risk of a heart attack 
11 heart-destroying foods and beverages
6 rules for creating a heart-healthy kitchen
21 delicious recipes for juices and smoothies, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert … all using fresh ingredients from Mother Nature!

Special Report: Statins Exposed

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans over 40 currently use statin drugs? This special report reveals several recent studies that statin-makers don't want you to see — because they shine a light on all the disturbing health hazards associated with this very popular class of drugs. If you (or anyone you love) is taking statin drugs then you absolutely must read this report!

Suppressed Heart Recovery Program

by Daniel Cobb, DOM

This ebook reveals the very best ways to eliminate the threat of stiff arteries — using commonly available nutritional supplements — that cost less than $90 per month! This therapy was championed in 1986 and in the decades since, has effectively helped tens of thousands of people. The only “side-effect” of these remedies is better health!

Essential Oils for Heart Health

by Eric L. Zielinski, DC

Dr. Zielinksi is one of the world's top experts on the healing power of essential oils. We are so grateful that he's allowed us to include this impressive, 128-page guide as part of our bonus package. Here's what you'll find inside...

The "essential 8" foods for maximizing heart health
The 7 essential oils for heart health that every home should have
Recipes for delectable entrees, sides, snacks, drinks and desserts that all use heart-healthy essential oils
Plus much more!

4 Recorded Webinars
with Our Heart Health Experts

Meet some of the Cardiovascular Docu-Class experts as they offer "deeper insights" into how to improve cardiovascular health.  When you purchase the shipped version of this event, you'll get all 4 recorded webinars.

While I was filming the Cardiovascular Docu-Class one thing quickly became obvious: 

Your heart needs the help of healthy lungs to move oxygen throughout the body. 

Right now, with the world feeling afraid of a respiratory disease, it's more important than ever
to make sure your lungs are as healthy as possible.

COVID aside, lung diseases are still big-time killers...

Respiratory diseases — like asthma, COPD, emphysema, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis —
are the 3rd leading cause of death in the world.

Lower respiratory infections — like pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis —
are the 4th leading cause of death in the world.

This is why I decided to create the Lung Health Docu-Class featuring these 18 amazing presentations ...

Sleep Apnea

Griffin Cole, DDS

Overlooked Reasons
for Lung Problems

Dr. Robert DeMaria

Improve Your
Breathing Naturally

Cynthia Foster, MD

Lifesaving Lung
Health Updates

David Minkoff, MD

Avoiding Lung to
Blood Infections

Thomas Lewis, PhD

Asthma Dilemma

Nicholas DiMartino, DO

Common Cause

Dr. Peter Osborne

How to Heal Your
Respiratory System

Edward Group, DC, NP

The Hidden Problem
Behind COVID

Daniel Cobb, DOM

Top Threat to
Lung Health

Eric L. Zielinski, DC

Reducing Lung

David Jockers, DNM, DC

Avoiding Lung

Stephen T. Sinatra, MD

Quick Solution
for Lung Infections

Thomas Levy, MD, JD

Asthma Testing
& Solutions

Dr. Mona Morstein

Improving Your
Lungs & Immunity

Joel Fuhrman, MD

10 Tips for Better
Lung Power

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

The Drainage Funnel
to Help the Lungs

Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

Lungs & Parasite

Todd Watts, DC, PScD

Audio Files + Transcripts

of All 18 Lung Health Presentations

If you're short on time...

Or just want to scan through for critical information...

These easy-to-read transcripts provide you with all of the information from the Lung Health Docu-Class.

Not only that, but we also include audio files so you can listen to all this great info while you exercise, clean, or drive.

Best of all, you can easily access these audio files and transcripts from any device - desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet... 

It's all there for you when you need it!

Breathe Better Action Guide

by Cynthia Foster, MD

This epic 120-page guide to lung health contains everything you need to know about keeping your respiratory system healthy, including how to...

Stop an asthma attack in 2 minutes
Heal the emotional causes of breathing problems
Stop a cold — or even the flu — in 24 hours or less
Heal pneumonia naturally
Protect yourself against exposure to highly contagious respiratory illnesses 
Plus, so much more!

Quarterback Your Own Health

by Clement Trempe, MD
and Thomas Lewis, PhD

This truly remarkable 296-page eBook will empower you to become the "quarterback" of your healthcare team in 3 crucial ways...

Reveal the 55 most important lab tests you need to get a true picture of your health — and how to get your doctor to order them for you
Teach you how to correctly interpret your lab test results based on the latest science (many doctors and labs are using outdated ranges!)
Provide preventative measures and methods to lower your risk of the common, chronic diseases that most people will die from

Armed with this amazing reference you will be able to navigate the confusing medical system with confidence and feel comfortable calling the shots in the doctor's office.

Uncovering Chronic Inflammation and Hidden Infections 

by Thomas Lewis, PhD

Your immune system is locked in a constant battle with invaders and stressors. Chronic disease develops when the immune system loses ground against inflammation, toxins, and infectious burdens. This book reveals...

How each part of your immune system works together as a team to keep disease at bay
How to measure immune system strength and performance
Best steps to reinforce the immune system to support long-term health

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